Christian Connections

"Our mission is to promote healthy connections throughout the FPCE family to create an environment where discipleship can flourish."

If you are a member of a group that is not yet in our inventory or if you
would like to start a new group click here to complete the survey.

Small Group Ministry

One of the most important ways we connect with each other is through small groups. We have Study Groups, Social Groups, Support Groups and Service Groups. Interested in joining a small group? A list of our available groups along with a description of the group and contact person will soon be listed on this page.

Marriage and Family Events & Support

Trained mentor couples are available for church family couples planning to be married. We also provide the FOCCUS evaluation for engaged couples. From time to time marriage and family-based seminars, support and training are offered.

Church Wide Social & Recreational Events

Christian Connections provides opportunities throughout the year for our church family to be in relationship with each other and with God. These events also provide opportunities to welcome the non-churched into Christian relationships.

Contact Us!
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