Uganda Mission Team Ok

 "At Home and Around the World"

The Mission Committee is part of a community of joyful Christians empowering others, at home and around the world, to serve Christ with the resources of First Presbyterian Church of Edmond by encouraging disciples to give of themselves in service, bringing them closer to Christ. We work with local and regional missions as well as in several international mission fields.

A Mission Church

We accepted our charge to provide the members of FPCE with opportunities to share our time and financial resources as we serve God in the work of His presence in the world.

Within our Church and Community

We support Local Missions with grants and volunteer work. We also support Seminary students as Inquirers and Candidates for ministry. See the Local Missions for ways you may get involved.

Around the World

We offer financial and congregational support for many international projects. We also offer Mission trips for youth and adults.  Please visit the Missions partners links to learn about how you can become involved.  Such things as a simple email of encouragement is very meaningful to them.

What is Mission?

The word mission comes from the Latin word “missus” meaning “to send”. Throughout the Bible as God seeks to redeem the world, he calls and sends. Noah, Abraham, Moses, the prophets, all are called and sent to serve this mission of God. Mission begins, therefore, with God, and it continues from God through Jesus Christ.

In John 3:17 Jesus says, “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” Jesus in turn sent the Apostles (from apostello the Greek word for “to send”) to establish the church and continue this mission. Surprisingly enough the church is not the goal of God’s mission of reconciliation to the world. It is the instrument of that mission. As Jesus says in John 20:21, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” The church is thus sent into the world to serve God’s mission, not as an end in itself

Jesus spoke of this mission in terms of the Kingdom of God, and demonstrated in his words and deeds the character of the Kingdom of God, that reality where God is King. As we seek to participate in God’s mission we must remember that all that we do must be evaluated in terms of the life, ministry, and teaching of Jesus Christ

Our mission should reflect this Kingdom of God. Alan Klaas has coined a term for this kind of mission. He calls it Great Commission Outreach distinguishing it from presence outreach. Presence outreach means touching the lives of people in the name of the church. Great Commission outreach may start from the same activities but also means touching the spiritual lives of people and preparing the way for the Holy Spirit to develop faith in Jesus Christ.

As we seek to serve in this way we need to understand ourselves not so much as a church for others, but as a church with others. As we increasingly identify with the needs of others, we need to seek to be in solidarity with them, notjust be providers for them. We have always dedicated a significant part of our budget to “missions”, but we are challenged to go farther. We want every member of this congregation to participate in at least one mission activity of this church. It is through active participation that their struggles become our struggles and we truly develop mercy and compassion for the other person.